The 7 Best Cable Clips

2022-10-11 08:05:35 By : Mr. Edison Wang

If your wires are getting tangled and disorganized, the best cable clips are easy to use and help to keep all of those dangling cords neatly together and out of the way. Whether it's the entertainment center or a desk, they make it easy to locate, move, or remove wires whenever needed, too.

Many of these have a self-adhesive backing to allow you to attach them to your wall or on a piece of furniture, but if keeping cables attached to each other is your struggle, magnetic cable clips (or even a cord sleeve) are easy to wrap and stick shut. And while some bundle multiple cords together, others clip cords in place individually which is also great for maneuvering wires around furniture, walls, or elsewhere to keep them out of view. The right one for you is up to your needs.

Scroll on for tried-and-true favorites that will declutter your home and office — all available with a few clicks on Amazon. I’ve also included a sleek, cult-favorite cable organizer box to tuck away power strips, surge protectors, and bundles of cords.

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With over 1,000 five-star ratings from Amazon users, OHill's cable clip set gets the job done while offering great bang for your buck. These come in a 16-pack with six individual cable clips, four small double-slot cable clips, two larger double-slot holders, two triple-slot holders, and two five-slot holders.

All of the clips feature adhesive backing to attach them around your home, office, or even in a car. Plus, they’re flexible enough to hold other objects like pens to toothbrushes.

According to fans: “These are great! Exactly what I wanted for routing a couple of cords around. The single-slot clips are big enough to fit a standard cord or a light-duty indoor extension cord, but it's still small enough that I was able to put my USB-C cable for my phone in it without it just falling out.”

For places that collect a lot of cords like desktops and entertainment centers, using the Soulwit cable holder clips is a great option. Each pack comes with a three-slot, a five-slot, and a seven-slot holder which all feature 3M double-sided adhesive tape for secure attachment to your desk or wall. These clips can hold cables 6-millimeters thick or less.

According to fans:“I just installed a new setup with a Mac Mini and gorgeous widescreen monitor. The look was spoilt (I’m a geek) by accessory cables everywhere. I stuck these on the back edge of my (wooden) desk, and all is well. They stick very well and are easy to manipulate. I have two charging cables, a laptop power cable, and headphone jack running through them with no issue.”

With 50 in a pack, the Folai adhesive cable clips have you covered with 25 individual cable 0.6-inch clips for small cables and 25 clips sized 0.78-inches for larger ones. You can use them to organize TV wires, USB cords, and smartphone charger cables all around your home or car. They’re individual clips so you can use them as needed to tighten up loose hanging cables or even to place cords around walls so they stay out of view. These clips are available in solid black and white.

According to fans: “Worked perfectly for helping keep the wiring from our under cabinet lighting hidden.”

When you need to wind up cables or keep a few of them together, the FORETOO magnetic cable clips are a great (and fun) option. These magnetic cable clips with a cute smiley face stamped on each side hold wires securely in place, keeping them from tangling or dangling across your desk. They come in eight different shades so it's easy to identify cords by color. They can even be used as a bookmark. But keep in mind that these are best for small cords and not wider cables like TV ones. If you wanted a less colorful version, there are also black magnetic cable clips available, too.

According to fans: “I carry multiple cords on a daily basis, from aux cords, earbuds, phone chargers, etc. Keeps the cords out of the way and my bag ultra organized! So much better than using twist ties or rubber bands! And the bright colors help to find them quickly!”

If you have a lot of cables or large video or network cables that need tidying up, Envisioned's cable clips are a great choice. These clips are clamp style and large enough to hold together thicker cables, including power and coaxial cables. The clamps have self-adhesive tape on the bottom so you can place them easily, and you get 50 per pack. Plus, this pack comes with 10 reusable cable ties.

According to fans: “These clips are easy to install, are incredibly adhesive and very easy to add more wires or change wires because you can just unclip. Very clean and easy to hide wiring setup.”

This colorful cable clip set also includes animal-shape cable protectors to prevent fraying. The six cable clips have adhesive tape on the back, so you can easily attach them anywhere, while the six protectors include a cute cat, pig, panda, shark, hippo, and tiger. However, these clips are best for smaller cables like phone charging cables, laptop cords, or audio wires.

According to fans: “I love this little cable clips. The animal ones were really cute. The animal cable protector worked well for my tablet. There is a slit on the bottom that you slide the cord in and then push it up to secure the cord.”

The JOTO cable management Sleeves are an excellent alternative to traditional cable clips. These flexible neoprene sleeves are about 20 inches in length and neatly zip up to conceal up to 10 cables bundled together so it can tackle big jobs like a desk covered with tech or an entertainment system. It’s available in either black or white, and four come in each pack.

According to fans: “This was perfect for what I needed it for all my cables are sorted and neat its got rid of the eyesore that was in my lounge hallway and office.”

The Yecaye cable organizer boxes makes it easy to hide power strips along with messy cables, and each order comes with two. This box fits power strips and surge protectors up to 15.9-inches in size. It features holes so you can keep them plugged in while still concealed, and is made of tough ABS plastic that's fire retardant for protection. It’s available in white or black. Plus, it comes with a click-lock lid, which makes it safer to have around kids and pets.

According to fans: “This is what I’ve been missing in my life! These look nice, hide the cord clutter, and don’t interfere with the ease of use of our electronics.”